Poster Project

I decided to use this quote because it has always been one of my favorites. I used simplistic, geometric design and monochromatic design. I used a lightbulb to emphasize the quote “You are the light of the world”. Light is in the center to draw attention to the importance of the word.  

LSU at Night

Anyone who knows me is aware that I basically live in Middleton Library. I spend every night studying until the early morning. One particular night I was walking home at four in the morning and was inspired to take a picture of Tiger Stadium, from there I took a series of photos documenting LSU at…


Harry Potter is one of my favorite things, so I was inspired to create a newsletter for a Harry Potter fan club. I used contrasting colors and simple geometric colors to keep the emphasis on the actual content of the newsletter. I also included as much symbolism as possible from the books and movies.


I wanted my resume to look clean cut and professional, so I used light colors in in the background and a dark color for the text and accents. My goal was to keep it organized but visually interesting. I wanted the content to be the main focus.

Typography Assignment

This was my first project and the first time I used this software. I wanted to keep it simple while still visually interesting. I tried to vary the fonts and sizes to maintain visual interest.